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Is It Wise To Vape Thousands Of Feet In The Air?

Vaping has been dominating the world of today. You’ve probably seen people vaping on the internet, if not in real life. People who are in to vaping like having their vapes with them as they go about daily life. You’d probably find them packing extra juice and batteries too, making sure that they can take out their e-cigarettes whenever it is convenient for them. Society has adapted to this new favorite among some people and haven’t limited its use – well that is, except for when you’re onboard a plane.

Much to the chagrin of vapers, this has delighted those people who are annoyed by any form and kind of smoke. But vapers have been alarmed and offended by having their favorite hobby banned during air travel. But for the understanding of both vapers and non-vapers alike, here are the reasons why vaping on planes is prohibited.

The first and probably the heaviest concern that airline companies have is regarding the batteries contained by e-cigs. Similar to the reason why traditional smoking was banished in the early years, lithium-ion batteries are believed to be fire hazards. If you’ve noticed some security restrictions regarding your gadgets, this is because lithium-ion batteries are present in them too. We must not stand to be oblivious to the calamities caused by lithium-ion batteries exploding in different planes across the globe. But don’t be alarmed as you can still bring you lithium-ion batteries with you, just don’t include it in checked baggage. So have your vaping batteries safely kept inside the mod or in proper casing, and put it alongside your phone during security checks.

Vapor is another of the reasons why vaping has been banned during air travel. Nine out of ten people think that when smoke comes from another person’s mouth, this is brought about by a cigarette. Due to this notion, other passengers fear to end up on the news with vaping being the cause of their flight’s explosion.

Well, by now, you’ve probably considered vaping in the lavatory as an alternative, but that is also not allowed. While you may not be disturbing anyone or causing anxiety to arise among fellow passengers, you’ll definitely be alarming the advanced smoke detectors that they’ve installed. You wouldn’t want to begin the blaring of alarms at 30,000 feet and face charges, now would you?

Don’t throw a fit – keep in mind that you can vape right after your flight. As you seek to obey the rules, you’ll end up without the frustration of your vaping equipment confiscated, and even set an excellent example for others in the vaping community. Good actions will surely reap great benefits.